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Dinner with snottygrrl. Had a good time.

It made me think of “Three Days of Rain.” If you’ve never seen the play, you probably won’t have any idea what that’s about (Rain? It hasn’t rained for days!). You see, I’ve made several stabs at trying to write up Wednesday’s dinner with snottygrrl, BA and TJ. We met at her brother’s house, went to the Blue Olive, then walked down Fremont, bought gelato, and strolled through the neighborhood, saying hi to the local cats. But that doesn’t cover the myriad moments that made up the evening, really, the bits that count. I had a grand time. We talked about important stuff like life, movies, Firefly, and ice cream. And the weather was perfect.

The event wasn’t as dramatic as the play, where a character sums up a life-changing weekend with this sparse entry in his diary: “Three days of rain.” It’s pointed out that he didn’t describe what happened, and he replies “But I’ll remember.”

I can’t capture all the nuance of the conversation and the wonderful feel of the summer evening shifting into twilight and how happy I was to get to visit, so:

Wednesday, July 19th: Dinner with snottygrrl. Had a good time.

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