evannichols (evannichols) wrote,

Wherein I Receive An Email From Nancy Pearl

Perhaps you wondered why, after six months of daily updates, I’ve barely posted anything in the last week. Perhaps you didn’t notice. It’s likely you weren’t too worried, since the comic kept appearing regularly (it is comforting to know that if the comic doesn’t get posted by 8:00 a.m., people call to see if I’m all right). Point is, I’ve been feeling rather poorly, but I haven’t felt much like whining about it.

But today something happened that made it worth focusing long enough to post.

After the blog entry on “Unshelved” mentioned my comic, there were a number of posts in various other blogs and forums about it. I checked out a number of them, to see what people were saying, and in one, someone asked what Nancy Pearl thought about her image (as she’s the model for the Librarian Action Figure) being used in the comics.

That sounded like a good question. I decided I’d ask her.

I set out to search the web to find out how to contact her, which was only as difficult as finding NancyPearl.com. The site had her email address. I waited until I posted Monday’s comic with the Reference Librarian, and sent a respectful email to Nancy Pearl. I provided links. And then I waited.

Today, I got a response. I admit, I was a little nervous; what if she hated them? Her message was brief, but very gracious, and said she thought they were quite amusing! And they’d taught her that a pangolin is a scaly anteater. She thanked me for that.

So I’ve got a message in my inbasket from the World’s Most Famous Librarian! As I told sanguinity, I’m never washing Outlook Express again....
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