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IMDB - Not as annoying as the once were!

Hey, IMDB is accepting my movie reviews again! A fair while back, I was submitting reviews under the ID evannicholsdotcom. They posted a few of my comments on different movies, then stopped. I suspect that they thought my ID was too close to a link to another website (pushing the limit on their "No Link" policy). Maybe it was the possible conflict of previously copyrighted material (some comments got flagged "posted with permission"). My hope would be that people might go to my site, naturally, but the IMDB people seemed to frown on that. So they stopped posting my comments on movies.

So I changed my user ID! Now they create an ID based on your email address. Since the one I provided was words@evannichols.com, my new IMDB ID is words-3. You can see my comments index here.

The reason I'm mentioning this was not just being on IMDB, but because I worked in a Dr. Eldritch reference on a comment on "Van Helsing"! I don't know if anyone will see it, wonder "Hey, who's this Dr. Eldritch?", and Google it, but they might! And I may get another hit on the search engines. It's not a major victory, but it pleases me (see Penguin).

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