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Me vs. Technology

Yesterday, the Internet gave me three opportunities to be vexed by technology. Thanks, Internet!

First, I get a very important email from my web host for www.AskDrEldritch.com. However, my email provider decides that it must be spam, and shuffles it off to the "Bulk Email" folder, which I'm not so careful about checking. This is why I usually take control of spam filtering, so I don't have machines making decisions for me (And yes, I've whitelisted that address now, so IN THEORY it won't happen again.)

Second, the email tells me that the server my website is on has crashed. Not just a crash-and-reboot, but a Thundering Crash Of Death. I should have been able to hear it go. Anyway, the email says that once they start up the server with a new OS, I have to rebuild my website from the ground up. Fortunately, for me this only means resetting my password, creating a half-dozen email addresses and uploading fifty files. I feel sorry for businesses that were on that server that have complex sites. Also, my webhost has a 99.9% uptime guarantee; with the outage last November, I figure they need to run at 100% for about three years to make it average out. At least they're inexpensive.

Finally, as I'm verifying my new upload, several of the images are just the red X boxes. Damn. So I investigate. One of my photo editors saves file names in all caps. This has not been a problem, but now the webserver is case-sensitive. I rename a handful of filenames, and all is fine. Then I find www.evannichols.com is having the same problem (Same host. Hmmmm.) Fixed those. Now I'll just have to remember to keep them all lower-case in the future.

Okay, I realize these are not huge problems in the grand scheme of things, but my head is aching and swimmy, and it all just seems bad. Maybe today I'll feel better and something amusing will happen.

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