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The Wheels Come Off

I admit, I’ve had a bit more wheat, dairy and sugar the last few days than I should. And I’ve been falling asleep late (not for lack of trying, usually). So when I felt the familiar Groggy With Headache this morning, I hoped that it was just backlash from my transgressions. Perhaps its the change of weather. Anyway, I made it through breakfast, and worked a little on Comic 128. Then I faced a decision point: Lie down on the couch, or fall asleep onto the keyboard? I choose couch. Good thing I did, too. I slept for quite a while, but woke up feeling even more swampy than before. I tried to be productive, but realized that what I needed was a big mug of hot tea taken with some more lying down and an episode or several of “Firefly.” Fortunately I’d just borrowed the DVDs. Palliative. Therapeutic, even.

I’m feeling a little better now, but I’m thinking another episode and then bed. I hate taking a Sick Day just when I try to get a Plan going, but sometimes that’s how it works out. Oh, well. There’s always tomorrow...
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