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4th Of July!

Tuesday started out working on Comic 127*. Then the 3:3:3 Plan went out the window. I’d been thinking about a deal I saw on 1.5” buttons, and I thought that if I had a couple hundred made, Gilead could hand them out when he goes to Comicon on the 22nd. So the rest of Tuesday was spent figuring out and assembling the image. I’m not a graphic designer, but I’m reasonably pleased with how it came out:
Ask Dr. Eldritch Button Sample

To celebrate that accomplishment (and Independence Day, I suppose), I went to hang out with sanguinity, grrlpup, and leboyfriend! They hosted a barbecue (I brought my signature Macaroni & Cheese) and ate and visited while the ambient noise of fireworks in their neighborhood rose steadily. As it got dark, we moved to the sidewalk on the corner so we could view the plethora of DIY displays all around. Lake Oswego had some enthusiastic home fireworks shows, but this was indeed better. Much, much better.

I got all twitchy and had to set off what pyrotechnics I had. You know those sorts of things that come in a box set of fireworks, but they’re fairly lame so you don’t even bother setting them off? (Yet still better than what we used to have in Arizona, where all fireworks were illegal, except for the little Pop Its (the ones you set off by throwing them on a hard surface) and Smoke Balls (about the size of a ping-pong ball, you light them and they dribble forth an anemic stream of colored smoke that might fill a VW Bug if all the windows were rolled up).) Well, I had some strobe-effect fireworks and some elderly sparklers. I’d tie two or three of the strobes and a sparkler or two to a length of cannon fuse and set those off. They weren’t much, but they kept me occupied until the barrage of nearby pyrotechnics slowed, and we set off our Grand Finale.

I don’t find Sparklers that exciting individually, but when 567 of them are bundled together, they do up right nice. sanguinity has a better description of it than what I could come up with, so check it out here. With Photos! And Video!

After that, there wasn't much to do but go home, and be lulled off to sleep by the screeches and bangs of late-night fireworks.

* I’ve since decided to postpone that series for a while, so I’ll have to figure out what to do for next week. Ah, the life of a Creative Genius!

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