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In all the excitement of the Virtual Birthday Party last Sunday, I didn’t mention that sanguinity and grrlpup and I had gone hiking and went to the Sturgeon Viewing Area at Bonneville Dam and saw Herman the Sturgeon. Instead of doing one hike and calling it good for the year, today we went hiking again! Here are Pictures (Click on photos to see larger view):

Larch Mtn Larch Mtn

Then I go on about it all:

We did a longer trek, up Larch Mountain, which was beautiful. We got to the trailhead around 8:00 a.m., so the trail was shady and temperate, which did allow for a large number of flying insects. They was the only real vexation on the hike, though (if you don’t count the times I asked “Are we almost there?” on the way up). We were joined by their dog, L, who seemed quite happy to be included.

Left Photo: grrlpup, sanguinity and L admiring the view. Mt. St. Helens on the horizon. You can see light clouds, but it was mostly a sunny, warm day.
Right Photo: I took a picture with all three of us in it, so you can tell I’m not making this up. I don’t know what grrlpup was finding so fascinating down the mountain.

We got back to the car close to 1:00, so we did 6+ miles (1,300’ elevation change) in about 4 hours, 45 mins, including Snack Time at the top. Not a fast pace, but a more vigorous workout than I’ve had in a while.

When I got back home, I started working on uploading the photos, and I got really tired. Drowsy. I meant to sleep less than an hour, but after a poor night's rest (too much cake) and getting up early, I was in Sore Need. So Much of the afternoon was spent napping. Then I watched the last half of “The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe,” and posted journal entries for the last two days.

So today I ate, walked, ate, slept, watched, ate, and posted. Not a bad day, really.
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