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Cake Contest!

Can you believe it’s time for the annual Cake Contest already? I know; neither can I. But it happened, and as usual: I was there! Here’s a picture of the cakes:


I decided not to enter this year, as I have numerous other projects that are languishing, so I just went to observe and eat cake. While the judges were conferring, BA and I talked out our Favorites for each of the categories, and I’m pleased to say that the judges must have picked up on our brilliant assessment, because they chose exactly the same cakes. Restores one’s faith in the system. But you’re probably dying to know all about them, so here’s the rundown.

This year’s theme was “The Four Elements: Earth, Wind, Water & Fire.”

1 – A wheat-free, coconut-jelly layer cake. One of the two that involved actual fire. However, looked much better than it tasted (IMHO). Award: Best Looking.
2 – Chocolate Chili Cake. The chocolate was fine, and the chili very mild, just a slight hint of lingering warmth in the finish.
3 – Lemon Poppyseed Cake. My favorite, it was very tasty with good texture. The only one I was tempted to take some home with me. Award: Best Tasting.
4 – Rhubarb Cake. The four candy-coated fruits/nuts on top represented the elements. I would have not been too upset if this had won Best Tasting, as it was also quite palatable.
5 – Plato Cake. Best Educational Factor, as it pointed out that Plato defined a fifth element, Ether. On top are cutouts of the five shapes that Plato associated with the elements and a Floating Plato Head (always a favorite with the judges). However, dense and kinda doughy (resisted Playdough jokes). Award: Best Theme.
6 – Orange Kahlua Chocolate Cake. A good concept, and while moist with a good texture, not as flavorful as I hoped.
7 – Chocolate Truffle w/Fruit (Lavaflow) Cake. It was a warm day, and this one suffered the most from it. Still tasty (one can hardly go wrong with chocolate and fresh berries), but not award-winning tasty.
8 – Wheat-Free Fruit & Nut Cake. Did nothing for me. Well, the whipped cream was good. Let’s move on...
9 – Lemon Raspberry Cake. Looked nice, but something didn’t quite work on the flavor combination.
10 – Elements Cake. The Trees represented the Air; the Mountain, Earth; the Sparkler, Fire; and the functional Fountain, Water! Yes, it had a mini-fountain that burbled blue-tinted water. This was put together by two boys who won with last year’s dragon cake (they were excluded from being judges this year because they were entering a cake). In a field of very few special-effects cakes, the hands-down winner... Award: Most Creative.

I know; I'm kicking myself for not entering. But I'll start planning now for next year....
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