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Other Wednesday Highlights

Other Things From Wednesday:
  • Went to a “Write In” with sanguinity and grrlpup. In quotes, because nobody really tried to get much writing done. Instead, we talked about plans for the 4th of July, and hiking this weekend. And a wide range of other stuff too, of course.

  • On the way home, I diverted to Milwaukee to meet up with drarwenchicken and BILJ, as they were looking at a house they’re considering buying. My role would be to rent the daylight-basement studio apartment, which is 400 sq. ft. (about 200 feet less than where I’m living now). It would probably work, but I’d definitely have to carry through with my plans of paring down my extraneous possessions. More about this will be posted if anything comes of it.

  • One of the nice things about my webstats is that it identifies the webpage where a reader clicked a link to get to my comic. A number of links have been posted lately in blogs and LiveJournals, especially about the Reference Librarian comics, and I’ve been posting “Thank You” comments where I can. I realized last night that if someone on LJ thought to check out my journal, the first thing they’d see would be the faceless photo of me brandishing an axe. Of course, this is certainly not the weirdest thing one can see on LJ, so I probably don’t need to worry (and if you’re reading this because of one of my comments, I’m frequently described as “Mostly Harmless,” so you don’t need to worry, either).

ETA: sanguinity’s comment made me wonder: How would other people describe me? Here’s your chance! If you were going to describe me to someone who had never met me, how would you encapsulate all that is Evan in ten words or less? Post a comment! Thanks!
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