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Virtual Birthday Party!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I had a great time!

I was a little concerned when it first appeared that I couldn’t invite in more people once the Chat started, but I figured it out. And I didn’t realize that iChat users had to set their Preferences to see the user IDs on the text (I use Trillian, which defaults that way). But once we got that settled, things moved right along! Guests came from all over: Portland, Oregon; Draper, Utah; Long Beach, California; Jerome, Arizona; Gilbert, Arizona; Columbia, Missouri; Wellington, New Zealand. And the party ran for four hours; over three hours beyond the point where I thought everyone would get bored and wander off to watch TV.

Just like last year, the conversation wandered about; sometimes serious, often silly, but definitely entertaining. I was reminded just how much fun the people I know are. And how cool it is to let my different circles of friends merge for a time. Thanks, everybody! I really appreciate you all coming to my party!

p.s. I was amused when evite sent an email this morning suggesting we upload pictures of the event. I like the idea of a bunch of photos of people sitting at their computers. Maybe for next year... :-)

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