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I Really Should Start Dating Or Something...

A great Summer Saturday! It wasn’t quite entirely devoted to comic work, but close.
And I’ll go on about that now, but I’ll put it behind a cut because Courtesy Is Always In Style.

I’m getting ahead of the escalator! I’ve assembled comics through July 3rd, photographed the 5th’s, and scripted through the 7th. The only drawback is that I’m wrestling with story decisions that you all won’t see for weeks, so I can’t really go on about them here without doing some serious spoiling.

The influx of readers from “Unshelved” abates somewhat, but still continues. Here’s some stats:

This shows the traffic from when I started with the Statcounter on April 25th, through today. You may notice the increase on Thursday the 22nd.

I did go for a walk around 4:00 to return a library book and show that I wasn’t afraid of temperatures above 90º. I stopped at a yard sale on the way home, and bought a few quirky figures that may end up being used.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned WittyComics.com here yet. I learned of it through nmaki earlier this month. The site provides stock settings and characters, and you can use them to make three-panel cartoons by typing in the titles and dialog. Anyway, I’ve been doing some comics out there, with ideas that won’t work for my other comic. If you want to see the ones I’ve done, you can Check Them Out Here (WARNING: Grown-up language and subject matter).

Because this is open to everyone, there are other comics there, and I can’t stop you from reading them, but I don’t recommend it. I’m not saying that mine are the only funny ones, but someone I know did make that comment (and I readily admit that some are better than others). If that still sounds conceited, read a bunch of the other comics and then let me know what you think.

Now I need to go to bed, because I'm going hiking early tomorrow, and then it's my Party!

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