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Why Does It Feel Like Today Is Saturday?

Felt like Saturday all day. Which is mostly good, but I’d have moments of surprise when I’d realize that I could still take care of week-day business stuff today. Because it’s Friday.

Uploaded the comic, then had coffee with B at Caffe Destino, so we could admire her artwork on display. We traded cephalopods. Then I went to Goodwill, and bought two action figures, one with articulated HANDS! He’s incredibly flexible; like a gymnast. I was thinking of using him for Ed the Tentacle Monster, but it would be a shame to limit him to such a small role. (These are the sorts of things I think about.)

Back at home, I created Comic #123, which puts me a week ahead! I’d like to do at least four comics a week for a while, so I’m increasingly higher on the escalator. Then I went for a walk, talked with sanguinity, IM’d with sanguinity, and talked to S, the Children’s Librarian in Missouri. That took me right up to time to leave for Dude Night, which was much fun (you know I’m sworn not to reveal any more than that).

And guess what? Tomorrow should feel like Saturday, too!

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