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Another Webcomic Artist Encounter!

It’s not that I’m becoming blasé, but I haven’t been remarking here on every positive comment or email I’ve gotten about my comic lately. Not that I’m no longer thrilled to get them. I’m sincerely pleased every time someone praises my work. I just don’t want to bore everyone here in LJ land.

But today! I check my webstats, and think “1,000 pageloads already? That’s odd. I wonder where they’re coming from?” Well, they’re coming from UNSHELVED! Not only is it Way Cool that Bill Barnes put a link to Ask Dr. Eldritch on his site, but he says I’ve got the Best Librarian Action Figure Comic Strip Ever!!

After I got up off the floor, I sent him an email thanking him for the link and the compliment. And updated the comic page so people would know that there were three other Reference Librarian comics. And added links to Unshelved. And now I’m clicking “Refresh” on my webstats page, watching the number of pageloads climb (over 2,500!).

Quite a day, so far!

ETA: Hit 1,000 New Visitors for today at 10:47 a.m. 3,614 pageloads! Woohoo!
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