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Saturday: A Day Off

After breakfast (chicken dogs and banana waffles), I decided it was too nice a day to stay indoors, so I walked over Mt. Tabor. I can’t say it really invigorated me; I didn’t really accomplish much else for the rest of the day. I did walk up Hawthorne later, and my “Trolls Shouldn’t LARP” t-shirt made a signature-gatherer laugh. I gave him a card.

Does anyone have a soft rubbery toy octopus or squid I could have/buy (or know where I can get one)? Most of the ones I’ve seen are too rigid, or too small. The tentacles should be at least 3-4” long, and I want to use them as parts for a webcomic character. Just asking...

And FYI: I’m changing the DNS assignment for my evannichols.com domain tonight, as the final step in my switch to my new webhost. So emails sent to me between now and Sunday night may not get through. If it gets bounced, just try again. That is all.

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