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Wherein I Say Goodbye To Bibliocommerce...

Once again, it was my last day at the bookstore. I threw my own Going Away Party. I didn’t have a cake, so I just chopped up a protein bar and put it in a bowl. Here’s a picture:
Bookstore Going Away Party

For a while I thought I was going to have a perfect day, but the first customers came in about 3:30. And R did make an appearance (after the party was over, but I didn’t point that out, to be polite). She did let me buy my Going Away Present while she was making an order, and I’m quite excited about it. I can’t wait until it arrives! Believe me, you’ll hear more about it then.

At the end of the day, I’d been alone in the store for almost two hours. That seemed fitting, actually. For the last time, I did the daily closing procedures, gathered up the few personal belongings I’d brought in over the last several months, and left. It feels a little strange to think that I won’t work at the bookstore again.

Until they need me to cover for someone, that is. :-)

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