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Most of the day was spent on chores, and cooking, as The Librarian and her sister ah came over for dinner, but more on that in a bit.

The day was pretty good, in several ways. First, the weather. Warm and sunny. And then drarwenchicken called to ask if I wanted to go to Second Breakfast. I was hesitant, as I had lots to do, but she said it would be quick. (For the record, it wasn’t her fault that the café had such a slow morning that they sent their second cook home, not knowing that they’d fill to capacity just before we got there.) So the “quick” breakfast spanned almost two hours, but I got to spend some Quality Time with her and BILJ (previously known merely as J (and while his new moniker may sound like “bilge” when read aloud, there is no association with that)).

One of the great things about having people over for dinner is that it inspires me to do the tidying up that I always mean to get to, but somehow doesn’t always get done. And I always make way too much food. This isn’t really a problem, as it’s all food I like, so I’ll be well provided all week. This evening’s theme was Summer Picnic; so we had buffalo burgers (some marinated in barbecue sauce, some plain; some with cheese, some plain), cole slaw, Extra Special Three-Bean Salad, and Veggie Chips. We then watched Serenity (more about that in a minute). Dessert was Sweet Potato Pie (one with my standard almond-and-rice-flour crust, the other with Chocolate Wedding Cake crust) and vanilla ice cream. The Librarian and her sister seemed to have a good time, and it was amusing to watch them interact.

Serenity: OMFG. I’ve seen entire movies that were not as compelling as the first ten minutes of this film! And it doesn’t let up! Perhaps it doesn’t play as well for someone who doesn’t know the characters from watching “Firefly,” but I thought it was great. I may try to write more about it later. I will say that while he may not need to write more “Serenity” sequels, I hope Joss Whedon writes lots and lots more movies. I’m pretty sure I’ll want to see them.

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