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Early morning Dude Golf! Fun, as always, even though there were again only two of us. I came home right after so I could have lunch prior to the Fan Chat at 1:00. It was not, as they say, a Rousing Success (the chat, that is. Lunch was fine). The good news is that I wasn’t the ONLY one involved.

That had me thinking about self-promotion and the associated time and attention. I don’t want to burn out my friends and family so they roll their eyes every time I say “Eldritch.” But this is being a bigger and bigger feature in my life. Sometimes I feel like I think about it constantly.

Back when I was young and naïve (2003), I had a vision that I would merely put my website out on the Web, register it with the search engines, people would find it, word would spread, and the hits would blossom. Well, back in July of 2004, on AskDrEldritch.com’s First Birthday, I had 903 visits. ALL MONTH. Now I receive half of that in a day, but it’s taken a fair bit of promotional effort on my part*.

Which is kinda my point. I want to do things that will interest my readers, so they’ll bring in more readers. Hence the Easter Eggs, contests and the not-so-successful Chat. But I think the demographic to which the column and comic appeals isn’t made up of the sort who spend a lot of time posting in forums and chat rooms. They read the newsletter or the comic, then they don’t think about it again until the next issue.

Anyway, the point of all this is that I hope your patience isn’t worn thin by my constant discussion of my project. It’s just something I think about a lot. I sincerely hope that you’ll be able to look back on all this and say “Yeah, I knew him before he got really famous, and he talked a lot about it then, too.” And maybe I'll get like those authors who have such a fervent fanbase that the authors themselves get tired of always having to have long, animated discussions about their work. Perhaps....

* And my efforts in that arena certainly aren’t exhaustive. I could do much more.
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