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Hey, I Kicked Some Today!

Um, wow. Some days I feel like I barely get anything done, but today... was good. I woke up before 6:00 a.m. with an idea bouncing around in my head from shellynoir (Thanks, shellynoir!), and it became today’s column. So between then and now, 9:00 p.m., I did the following:

> Wrote the advice column for today’s newsletter.
> Assembled the newsletter.
> Migrated the newsletter subscribers to the new host’s mail list.
> Sent out newsletter, using new mailing list.
> Updated my website with the week’s column.
> Created Comic #114.
> Walked to the store for a tape dispenser.
> Finished instructions for the t-shirts, and printed up labels and packing slips.
> Packaged up two Contest Winner t-shirts and one Comic #104 t-shirt for shipping.
> Signed up with PhotoWebComics.com, a comic list site devoted entirely, not surprisingly, to photocomics.
> Updated the Gift shop to include t-shirts and comic prints (signed and unsigned).
> Prepped to upload site changes and tomorrow’s comic.
> Wrote this post.

I did take a brief break for lunch, but otherwise, I kept working, like, all day. And not because I felt I had to, but as I finished each task, there was another exciting one to do! But now, after a 13-hour day, I’m tired.

I wonder what exciting things will happen tomorrow?
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