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Hmmm... That was easy. TOO easy...

Spent a chunk of this morning uploading all my Ask Dr. Eldritch files to the New Webhost and switching the DNS servers over. I could have done that in reverse order, and just waited until the updates happened so I could use SmartFTP, but that would have meant people could have gotten the default “Under Construction” page for a while. This way, if I hadn’t mentioned it, my readers wouldn’t even realize a change had been made!

A side benefit was going through all the files and catching a few that I’d previously uploaded, but hadn’t saved copies in the folder on my C: drive. That inspired a New Rule: I keep a folder that mirrors exactly what’s up on the site (I was only about 98%). That way I can always be ready to overlay what’s on their servers if they get corrupted, and not have to dink about finding a few missing pieces.

But it all went very well. I didn’t expect to see the changeover until tomorrow, but when I logged on at the library mid-afternoon, the update had happened. I’ll still leave it all in parallel until the Monday update, anyway. And next weekend I’ll migrate evannichols.com. I was concerned about being without email when that switch happens, but if it goes as well as today’s cutover did, it should all be Completely Transparent To The User.*

*Famous Last Words.
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