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Got home from a long day of putting books back on the Fallen Bookcase (and the other faffing about one does at the bookstore), made dinner and then I didn’t know what to do. Usually by that point I’m pretty much done for the day, but it was so nice out, and still quite light, so I went walking down Hawthorne.

When I’m in one of my “I Don’t Know What I Feel Like Doing” moods, I imagine that I’ll just wander about, and I’m be just in the right place at the right time for Something Interesting. I always expect that whatever it is will make itself clear; like running into someone I know or having an attractive stranger engage me in conversation. All I need to do is go forth and be open to it. I persist in this belief, even though it never happens.

Since the weather was so pleasant, many other people were also out. Still, I made my way up to 30th and back without any noteworthy encounters, so I went home and played games on the computer. Which is usually how my Walkabouts end.

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