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Okay, here's a question. In a café or diner, what's a reasonable number of tables for a server to handle during brunch hours? This morning drarwenchicken and I ate at Junior's, a neighborhood café on SE 12th. It's not a big place; eight tables. So we waited a while to get in, since we got there about 10:15. I can't complain too much about that; it's expected when one goes out to eat late Sunday morning.

Once we were seated, though, I started to wonder. Everything seemed to take a very long time. We waited to have our order taken. We waited for more coffee. We waited for our food to show up (by this point, ravenous enough to be eyeing the sugar packets). Waited for the coffee the waitress said she was going to get (DrArwenChicken finally took the mugs to the counter and asked). About the only thing we didn't wait for was the check. It showed up promptly as we finished eating.

I've gone to Zell's many times on weekends, and have waited to get in, but didn't mind because things happen quickly once you're seated and the food is really good. For about the same price, we got a long wait, slow service, and mediocre food (plus non-food bits in the food, which we'd rather not think about). But back to my question: There were two wait persons for eight tables. Now, I'm not a trained wait-person, but I think I could handle four tables, and check in with each table every couple minutes. Am I wrong? I'd like to know…

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