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Saturday's All Right

I got up this morning intending to start the Massive Housecleaning that leads up to the Family Visit, so of course, I ended up doing iron-on transfers onto t-shirts. You’d think that would mean just a few minutes per shirt, but there’s always a bunch of other stuff that has to be done. Like washing the shirts, so the transfer will take better. And figuring out the text and configuration of the bonus logo for the sleeve. And setting up a place to iron that won’t damage the surface of the table (mostly successful). It took longer than expected.

However, I got them done just in time to go hang out with my write-in friends (or as I like to think of them, Evan’s Fan Club*) at the coffee shop down the street. They all made appropriately admiring noises, and sanguinity even agreed to be the model for the photo that will appear in the Gift Shop. (I have great friends. Have I mentioned that? Oh, good.)

After giving grrlpup and sanguinity a ride home, I set to working on Monday’s comic. But I kept getting distracted by (Shin-Goji put a button link to Ask Dr. Eldritch from the FRONT PAGE of Twisted Kaiju Theater!) (StoneCutter, holyhippie and the kids called to talk about the wedding trip and not putting something into one’s mouth respectively) (The Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards site’s forums still think I’m under 13, so I need my parents’ approval before I can post) stuff. So I watched “Zardoz.”

Zardoz was created when filmmaking was in its infancy (1974), and editing hadn’t been invented yet. So writer/directors had actors do a bunch of weird stuff, and then they taped the bits of film together into random, excruciatingly-slow scenes, and hoped that it made a good movie. Perhaps it’s the result of recreational drugs, which had been invented in the 60’s. In any case, the best thing about this movie is that it can be one of those experiences that allow a common bond, like military boot camp or getting a tattoo, where you can say to someone “Oh, you’ve seen Zardoz? So have I” and you share a knowing look. So I got that going for me.

*   ;-)
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