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Blast From The PAST, Part 2!

Today I visited with someone I haven’t seen for 26 years.

That’s almost enough right there. I’m still a little stunned by having a twenty-six-year block of time between where we were then and where we are now.

S and I would have lost touch entirely, except for the Internet. She googled me two years ago and found evannichols.com. Then I got an email, asking if I was the Evan Nichols she had known. The answer turned out to be yes, so we’ve kept in touch since.

S and her husband Th (the “h” is silent) are in town for... well, it’s secret (she tells people she’s a Children’s Librarian). Since we haven’t seen each other in so long, we met for Second Breakfast at Zell’s. I had no problem recognizing her (well, I’d called her cell because they were running late, and she didn’t have my cell number, so I was talking to her as they drove up to the restaurant). But she looks very much like she did when she was fifteen (except for being about two dozen years older). (I wonder if she thought the same thing about me?)

Since S has been following this journal for a while, we didn’t have to cover “What Evan’s Been Doing Lately.” So we talked for a couple hours about things to see and do in Portland, the weather, and the mandatory “Do you remember what’s-his-name? Well, he married so-and-so!” conversation. Th listened patiently while we rambled through the reminiscing. They gave me a CD of his solo work (he has the fingernails of a guitar player, so I have no reason to doubt it’s really him playing), and all too soon it was time for me to go to work.

Then they went off to see Powell’s, because after you’ve visited with someone you haven’t seen for twenty-six years, it’s good to be surrounded by books for a while.

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