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Neither Happened Today

I wanted to document a couple of events, so I’ll remember them:

Wedding Food Tasting. Since drarwenchicken and J have a number of dietary restrictions, they asked me to go with them to be a taster for the caterer’s food samples. The good part was the food. I liked all of it, but my favorites were the ham/tofu/asparagus roll-ups and the chicken with the rhubarb sauce. The broccoli salad was far better than I expected it to be (but it had bacon and a sour-cream dressing, and how far wrong can one go with those?). The downside was that after we ate, they had to talk. Since there are three catered events associated with the Wedding Weekend, they had to figure out all the details. We were there over four hours. I hadn’t expected that. Still, it wasn’t an unpleasant wait, and the food was good.

Hush, Buffy! I was invited to help sanguinity and grrlpup watch “Hush,” one of my favorite episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I was told to arm myself, so I brought a pointed stick*. Fortunately, we made it through the evening without having to defend ourselves from any attack. Then we ate tasty Rhubarb Crumble while discussing the episode and other stuff. All that made for a very pleasant evening, and the food was very good.

* Do not scoff at the Pointed Stick! Not only is it one of the oldest weapons, but it works on a majority of supernatural creatures. If you’re attacked, poke your assailant firmly. They’ll say something like “Ow! That really hurt!” Use that time to escape.

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