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Me Write Good!

On April 24, 2004, I participated in a 24-Hour Short Story Contest. The judges sent out the topic and maximum word count at 10:00 am PDT, and we had one day to write and send in a 950-word story. I wrote a Dr. Eldritch one, as the topic seemed to work with it, and I'd like to get some attention for the Dr. Eldritch website.

The following is the topic for this quarter's contest. Note that the exact text does not have to appear in the story, but the elements must be integral to the result (to prevent people from writing a story beforehand, and merely tacking in a reference to the topic).

"She tipped the deliveryman, closed the door, and excitedly pulled the glittering ribbon from the gold box. Inside, she was puzzled to find four fortune cookies nestled in gold satin. She picked one up, cracked it open, and pulled out the white slip of paper. "What goes around comes around." She frowned and opened another one. "As you sow, so shall you reap." She started to tremble as she read the third. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." A bead of sweat trickled past her temple as she reached for the fourth..."

Click here to read the story at www.evannichols.com!
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