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Today's FridayFive

  1. Do you like your birth-name? Why? Yes, I do. It's different enough so that I've met very few other Evans (which helps when someone says "Hey, Evan!" it's probably me (but there have been a couple moments of confusion from that in my life)), but it's not so unusual that nobody has a clue how to pronounce it. That still hasn't stopped people from calling me Ian, Ivan and Evon.

  2. If you could change your name to anything else, what would it be? I toyed with using just my first name w/exclamation mark: Evan!   I've also considered going by my IT-professional name, "The Amazing Evan." And who hasn't dreamt of legally changing their middle name to "Danger"? ("Am I afraid? Of course not! My middle name is Danger!") But other than that, I'd just rather be called "Your Majesty."

  3. What names would you consider giving your children? Hey, I'm not likely to ever be naming children (none of my siblings will let me name theirs), but given the opportunity, I'd choose from these -- Boys: Ratchet, Zarquon, or Exsanguinator. Girls: Blade, Talon or Evisceratina. I especially like the image of Evisceratina dotting the i's in her name with little hearts.

  4. If you had a band, what would you name it, and why? The Savage Penguins! Dude M and I decided years ago that we should form an 80's metal band, and that would be our name. Because.

  5. Is there a name that you completely hate? Why? No. This is a boring question, so I'll point out that I enjoy using silly names for my characters in my comedy sketches, like Anne Drogynous or Neutron Milliken. For my fiction, I often incorporate names of friends or celebrities that I like into character names. And the name of my protagonist in the novel I'm currently writing came from some hastily scribbled notes on an unrelated idea, where I wrote "Binky" and when I looked at it later, I read it as "Binby." And I've done all my stunt work under the name Rutger Spandex Xylophone Nichols.
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