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My webhost is down again. This means:
No email.
EvanNichols.com is down.
AskDrEldritch.com is down.

And this is particularly vexing because today is the beginning of a contest where readers have to see the Words of the Day in the Voter Incentive pictures. No Host = No pictures. A bad start.

And this time, there’s no note to explain why. The latest informational update is dated April 29th, and my sites were fine all weekend. The trouble ticket I put in at 7:00 a.m. has vanished.

[*sigh*] They were doing so well. After two outages in two months at the end of last year, they’d gone four months without dropping the ball. I was beginning to think that this relationship would really work this time.

The only thing keeping me from signing up with a new host right now is because I believe everyone deserves a Chance to Explain. For example: Imagine you’re meeting someone for a date, and you end up sitting for hours at the restaurant and they never show up. You don’t want to leave a bitter, rambling message on their machine telling them that they’re a Bad Person With No Consideration for Other People’s Feelings and you deserve to be treated better and therefore never want to see them again, only find out later that your date’s car was hit by a busload of orphans and nuns while driving to the restaurant, and she (or he) dragged injured passengers from the burning bus before passing out from smoke inhalation and ended up spending two days in the hospital. It would be good to know those sorts of details before leaving that angry message.

That’s not to say that I don’t have a replacement already picked out. I mean, they’re consuming an entire year’s worth of allowable downtime in one day. My sites have been subjected to seven outages in the past thirteen months; why would I assume that there will be no more for the next year? We’ve had some good times, but I’m thinking that if we stay together, I’m just setting myself up for more heartache and disappointment.

And I doubt the reason for this is because they were busy rescuing nuns and orphans.

ETA: It may be a Comcast problem. Other people can get to the sites. More later....

ETA: It seems that the rest of the world can see my websites, but I cannot. I couldn't upload with my FTP utility, but I discovered I could still get to the console, and there is a File Manager that will upload - one file at a time. So I did. I don't know if it worked, because I still can't see it. Anyone? Can you see Comic 97?
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