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Today was a Work Day. Not in the employment sense, but I needed to finish scripting and assemble tomorrow’s comic, and prepare for May’s Vote Incentive Contest. And since I wanted to announce the contest before the 1st, I sent out the Newsletter and prepped the web update. These didn’t quite take all day, but almost. I had some time for a walk and some goofing off, but it didn’t really feel like a relaxing weekend day.

Do you ever have moments where your mind suddenly latches onto something important for you to remember? Not like buying envelopes next time you’re out shopping, but a Life thing. As I was on my way back from the store, I was thinking about writing and remembered that it’s important that I Don’t Give Up. I don’t know what prompted it, but it was a moment of where it all seemed just so clear. The projects may come and go, the genres and formats may change, I may lose focus at times, but I shouldn’t quit being a writer or stop pushing to get my work published. This isn’t big news, in a way, but it does explain why I spent my Sunday putting together material that’s going out onto the Web for free.
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