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May I Be Excused?

I thought I'd gotten a better night's sleep. I'd gone to bed an hour early last night and woke up before my alarm. I even felt fairly alert for the first couple hours of the morning, but that didn't last. Now I'm in that low-energy morass where all I really feel like doing is taking a nap, and if I closed my eyes it wouldn't be very long before I did (whether I wanted to or not), but I'm at work and napping really isn't advised. Not that it would make a lot of difference right now; it's rainy and hardly anyone has been in the store today, so I could almost lock the door and curl up back by the Mythology section for a lie down. I'd regret it if I slept with my contacts in, though. And even though my being here isn't doing anybody much good, it falls under the category of "doing what I said I'd do."

So I'm tired and everything's annoying me.

And please note that this isn't a request for tips on sleep. I've pretty much tried everything recommended for Improving One's Sleep and if they worked, I wouldn't be feeling like this, so I might not be able to accept recommendations or suggestions gracefully at the moment. I'm just feeling crappy and thought I'd use LiveJournal to complain about it.

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