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Zen and the Art of Car Maintenance

I bought tires today. I didn't plan on buying tires. It's not as if I woke up this morning and asked myself what I most wanted to do today and thought “Hey, I'd love to purchase automotive products! Oooh, I know, TIRES!

A slow leak in one tire prompted the visit to the nice repair persons. I'd been putting off going. I'd topped off the air in the tire a couple times, but this time I saw the nailhead flush with the treads. I knew it wasn't going to get better on its own and I should just deal with it.

In a recent conversation with grrlpup and sanguinity where we raised the question “What tasks would you have someone else do if you could?”, one of my first answers was “Car Maintenance.” I just don't like it. That's at least partly because every time I take my car in for one thing, there's always more that needs to be done to it. Sure, part of that is just the garage trying to make more money. But it's also because I keep putting everything off. I knew that the front tires were getting slick; I could feel it when it rained. I've been reluctant to take my car on road trips because I wasn't comfortable driving on those tires at highway speeds. And like the nail, they weren't going to get any better. So I dealt.

The guy who repaired the nail puncture looked at the front tires and asked “Do you want to replace those?” Of course I don't want to. I want my car to just work without me having to check, top off, time, tune or replace anything. But until I have the Happy Magic Car That Never Needs Maintenance, or am wealthy enough to just pay someone to handle all those tasks, I'll have to make those choices.

Of course, now I should get the alignment checked, so the new tires don't wear unevenly. And while they're at it, replace the brake pads. And it's been ages since it's had a tune up....

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