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More thoughts on celebrities...

Well, in a recent post I went on about how I look down on those who get excited about celebrity sightings or name-dropping, and some of those who know me did point out that I'm a dedicated and highly accomplished "Celebrity Tag" player. This is true, but that's just a personal activity, I don't compete with others or brag about my score or the celebrities I've tagged.

Not familiar with the game? Celebrity Tag in its pure form is a non-competitive exercise in clandestine target engagement techniques. Celebrities are used because of their rarity and to adjust the scoring system, not for self-aggrandizement through association with fame.

The goal is to engage the target, make an approach, achieve physical contact, and disengage with a minimum of awareness of the interaction by the target. Points are awarded based on location of contact, target reaction and level of celebrity. See charts below:

Points for Contacting (this is not a complete list, of course)
1 - Hand
1 - Back
2 - Elbow
3 - Knee
4 - Head
5 - Foot
10 - Uvula

(Note, inappropriate touching does not count, this is not "Celebrity Tiggering".)

Modifier for Reaction
1x if Target Startled.
2x if Target responds, makes visual contact.
3x if no response, but could make visual contact.
4x if no response, no visual contact possible (they can't see you!).

Modifier for Celebrity
5x for "A List" Celebrity - Inter/Nationally known, e.g. Britney Spears or Tony Blair.
3x for "B List" Celebrity - Less Famous - e.g. Christina Aguilera or Dan Quayle.
2x for "C List" Celebrity - Locally known, e.g. Tom Peterson or Scott Thomason.
1x for "D List" Celebrity - Anyone else in the public eye, but not well known.

So you see, shaking a locally-known actor or politician's hand gets you two points, but touching Britney Spears's uvula without her knowing would get you 200 points (a very difficult tag, she has a sensitive uvula).

Try it if you like, but the purists don't play for glory, gloat about their tags, or even compare notes with other players. For us it's a solitary pursuit, played strictly for the joy of the hunt and the best tags are the ones that nobody else knows about.

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