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Do You Have Prince Albert In Your Refrigerator?

Today, some good things happened! For your convenience, listed in descending order of Goodness:
1.Had Second Breakfast with drarwenchicken at Jam on Hawthorne. Surprisingly, they serve more than just jam.
2.Tried the new color ink cartridge in the new printer, and it WORKED! So the problems seem to be with the first cartridge, not the printer. That's quite a relief.
3.Walked for over an hour today. I considered heading out immediately after Second Breakfast, but I chose to work on the comic for a while instead. Since I waited, I missed the rainstorm that would have hit right in the middle of my walk, and had a good uninterrupted time (well, I did stop a few times to say hi to the cats).

Because I find myself so amusing: Here's how to buy a monkey on eBay.

p.s. Your shoe's untied! ................................................................ (Did you look?)

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