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My Printer Arrived!

Yes, my new printer arrived today, which I received with much excitement. The UPS tracking said today was the expected arrival date, so even though I needed to go shopping and return books to the library, I waited until the brown truck showed up. I promptly extracted my new toy from the box and set it up. I thought it fitting to have one of the comics be the inaugural print, so I set it up and hit “Print.” The new printer did his job and as the page slid out, I thought “Wow! That looks like crap!

While the detail was good, the image was all orange. It didn't take long to figure out what the problem was. No blue. The test pages all have nice black, red and yellow lines and squares, but no blue ones. So I spent a while running the cleaning and priming routines for the print heads, hoping that it was just a cartridge problem that could be fixed. Then I researched the problem on the HP website. I'd done all but the last two troubleshooting steps. Next-to-last is to replace the cartridge. This didn't help my mood. I had hoped to not spend a lot of money in replacing Mr. Printer, and I'm not excited about dropping $35 for a three-color cartridge just to debug a problem. Fortunately, the smaller cartridges are available on eBay, but that means a day or two delay. I suspect that the problem is with the printer, and it will need the final step; as they phrased it on the HP site, “servicing.” Since it was a new printer, it should all be under warranty. But I don't want to have to deal with making it work right, I just want it to work! Is this my punishment for trying to spend less than full retail price?

I'm feeling all whiny, and it would probably seem less of a big deal if I haven't struggled with getting a decent night's sleep for the last four nights. I'd hoped to be productive this week, but my energy has been wobbly in the mornings and crashing in the afternoons. Today I had the strength to work on stuff, but spent hours dinking about trying to resolve the printer problem.

So for those of who who are good at interpreting these things, here's the recap:
#1. Mr. Printer stops printing yellow. I buy a new cartridge, which doesn't fix the problem. I determine that repair is not an option, so I decide to replace him.
#2. I buy a similar printer on eBay, so I can use the new cartridges I now own. The seller breaks that one before it can be shipped. (He didn't bother to tell me about it until I emailed him a couple weeks after the sale. So a fair bit of time went by before we got all that resolved.)
#3. I buy a NEW printer on eBay. It arrives today, but doesn't work.

So what's the Universe trying to tell me?
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