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Sight Foresight

I have sensitive eyes. When I last went to the eye doctor, I mentioned that my eyes had frequently been red and irritated. He said that some people are affected by their contact cleaners. He suggested using a hydrogen-peroxide-based solution. It worked very well; my eyes were much happier.

Costco carries the brand, but when then didn't have it on the shelf I wasn't too worried. A little annoyed, perhaps. But then Fred Meyer didn't have any either. Nor any of the other stores I went to. As my last bottle neared empty, I turned to my friend, eBay. I was stunned. It was selling for five times the price I paid in the stores. And bidding was fierce.

I spent some time researching this on the web. Apparently the manufacturer pulled production due to quality issues. As disappointed as I am that the contacts cleaner is hard to buy right now, I'm actually glad they did that. I want to be supremely confident that the things going into my eyes are not going to cause harm. While production is supposed to resume in April, that leaves a few weeks where I'd have to use the old solution.

I don't know where the sellers on eBay got their supplies. Perhaps they saw something in the news about the quality issues, and they bought up what they could on the off chance there would be scarcity. I guess I don't see those sorts of opportunities. Truthfully, I don't look for them. I'm not terribly good at predicting future events like that. My forecasts for the Stock Market and housing markets are almost completely wrong. I'm no good at picking the Next Big Thing. Usually this is not a problem, but this time I paid for it. I bought a set of travel-sized bottles. I managed to get them at just a slightly-inflated price (I do have mad eBay buying skillz, after all).

I can live with not having great vision. At least now in this case, it won't be so irritating.

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