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Cautiously Optimistic (Yet Again)

So, we’re trying the Virgin Diet. No, it’s not what you’re thinking (a cannibalistic consumption of the pre-sexually-active, right?), it’s eating only foods with the word "virgin" in the name, mainly virgin olive oil and virgin wool (Hahahahaha! No, it’s not! That would be gross! ). Okay, for reals: It’s by by J. J. Virgin (hence the name) and is predominately an elimination diet removing inflammation-causing foods. Her premise is that many people regularly consume foods that they are sensitive to, but not allergic to, which causes low-grade inflammation, yielding long-term health issues and weight retention.

The seven foodstuffs eliminated are gluten, corn, dairy, eggs, peanuts, soy and sugars (both natural and artificial). I’ve been gluten-free and dairy-free for ages, and don’t consume much corn or egg, but I haven’t tried eliminating those from my diet entirely. So it’s been less of an adjustment for me than for thrihyrne, but it has been a reminder just how much wheat, corn, soy and sweeteners are used in packaged foods.

For me, it’s not so much about losing weight as to determine if any of these foods are affecting my general well-being. We started on Sunday, and most of these week I’ve been free from restless-leg symptoms. I’m not yet saying that I’ve solved that problem, but if I can improve my sleep by giving up soy (or corn, or both), that is a sacrifice I am thoroughly willing to make.

In a couple weeks I’ll experiment with reintroducing foods into my diet and see. Perhaps I’ll will report on the results.

Thank you for reading!

Saturday was GREAT!

Since thrihyrne and I share only one day each week when neither of us works, our Saturdays tend to be our Day of Rest.  When I mentally list the things we did yesterday the individual items don’t seem extraordinary, but the day certainly was.  We slept in, had coffee-and-Internet, went grocery shopping, made tacos, watched an episode of “Elementary,” and played some online Boggle.  I also taught T what she needed to know to crochet edging around the collar and armholes of a knitting project.  At twilight, we went on a spontaneous walk around the neighborhood, because the air was so fine and the sky so beautiful they had to be savored.

It was fabulous spring day in Portland, and even though we spent the entire day together, at the end of it, I didn’t want to fall asleep because then it would be over.   Life is good.
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Tonight, I Am Unemployed

Today I submitted my final timecard to the Consulting Company.

Tomorrow I will go to my new job, which is in the same building, at same desk. On the same project.  After several inquiries, much discussion and a grueling application/interview/offer/confirmation process, I have converted to being an employee of my erstwhile client, Big Happy Fun Time.*

I feel a bit weird becoming a regular employee again, after 25 years of being a consultant.  I suppose I shall find other ways to feel smugly superior.

So, tomorrow I will be The New Guy, but tonight I will live the Life of Wild Abandon enjoyed by People Between Jobs!  I will play some online Boggle and STAY UP UNTIL 9:00!  WOOHOO!

* Yes, I believe I will continue to use the nom de cacher for BHFT, based on contractual agreement with the Consulting company that LASTS FOREVER.  Plus, I like referring to my place of work as BHFT.
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It's the Arts!

On Friday, thrihyrne and I went with grrlpup and sanguinity to see “One Man Star Wars Trilogy” at the Aladdin.

If you haven't seen it, the show is pretty much what it says on the tin.  One man (actor Charles Ross) acts out three Star Wars movies (SW ep 4- A New Hope through SW ep 6 – The Return of the Jedi) in about 75 minutes.  He doesn't tell the story the way one would recount a film to one's friends (“…And then the princess blasts the grate, and they all dive down the chute!  And it turns out to be a garbage compactor!”), he acts all the roles and sings the soundtrack (mostly wordlessly for that, but sometimes he interjects lyrics for humorous effect).  And he does all the sound effects; his TIE fighter is spot-on.

I'd seen the show with sanguinity a few years back, and while I didn't remember much detail, I did recall that it was an evening well spent.  And it still is.  I do think the show works best for fans who know the movies well enough to recognize most scenes and what's going on.  For example, I would imagine his rendition of the sand barge fight would be mystifying to anyone who wasn't at least familiar with the opening of “Jedi.”  But if you do know the sequence, it's a blast to see how he depicts the core elements in retelling the story.

Apparently he's also performing a One Man Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  If that comes to Portland, I'll probably see that, too...

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So, Stumptown is happening right now, and I'm not there.

I do have mixed feelings.  I put in an application last year, and I got wait-listed.  Since I'd hardly produced any comics for a year, it's not as if I can really complain.  But, you know.  I was still disappointed.

So now the show is happening, and I'm having a great weekend with thrihyrne instead.  I may still go tomorrow while she's working, perhaps before a playdate with Hz.

Perhaps if I start working on them now, I'll have some comics done by next year's Stumptown...

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Not to boast, but my life is being pretty awesome.

Tonight is the final night of Vacation: thrihyrne and I went to Harrisonburg, Virgina to sort through and bring home (or dispose of) all of her stuff that had been stored at her mother's house for the past several years.  While this might seem odious, we had a great time.

We were blessed by Ganesh in many ways:Read more...Collapse )

Being As Celebratory As I Can...

On the day before Christmas Eve while having a playdate with Hz, I threw my back out.

I suppose there could be worse times (such as right before being chased by bears), but I’d planned on using this week to get a bunch of exercising, holiday preparing, unpacking and general organizing done. Can you imagine me going on about how much I dislike this? Good. Spares me the effort of writing it out.

Saturday I got to spend with thrihyrne, and that was awesome. She wanted some plants for our new home, so as a Holiday Present, I took her on a surprise trip to Portland Nursery to get whatever she liked. We brought home two new Plant Friends, with pots. Right now they're keeping her company in the next room as she works (she's got shifts both Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day).

Then we had sanguinity and grrlpup over, as our First Dinner Guests Ever. We walked up to Peacock Lane to look at the lights (Pro Tip: If you go on foot, look at the lights on both sides of the street as you go, because you’ll be sick of the crowds by the time you reach the end of the block and will just go home from there), then had dinner and started to watch a documentary on origami, but they’d seen it before, so we watched “The Hunger Games” (which they’d also seen before, but had a lot more action than the paper-folding documentary).

I hope you are not spending your holiday with an ice pack, shuffling about slowly and wincing!

Thanksgiving Announcement

So, I'm moving out of my sister's basement.

It's been a good six years.  There is much I enjoy about living with drarwenchicken and BILJ, and especially Hz, but it's time for me to strike out on my own. Well, not totally on my own, because I will be moving into a new-to-us apartment with thrihyrne!  Well, not totally new, as it's in the same apartment complex where I lived prior to moving in with family.  But I digress... What's important is that she and I will be living together! Yay!

Everything's been falling into place pretty well.  Apartment hunting consisted of calling the property manager and asking if he had any two-bedroom apartments coming available around December 1st.  He did.  We looked at one place.  We took it.  

Officially our first day there is Friday, but we already have keys, as the manager expected to be out of town.  Our holiday weekend will be a frenzy of preparation and packing (well, Thrihyrne will be working for much of it, but I'll be packing). A key element will be how soon we can have Internet active at the new place, as she'll need it so she can work.  (Comcast seems to have helpfully sent us the self-install kit for cable TV, and even though they charged us for the self-install Internet kit, did not send that.  Soon I will express my displeasure to them.) 

Anyway, our phone numbers and email addresses will remain the same.  I'm trying a service where my new address will be psychically implanted into your brain at such time as you first need it, so when you sit down to address a Saturnalia card to us, you should just know.  (If it doesn't work, please inquire by email or call, and we will provide!)

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! 
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